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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Top 7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing | easy to increase sale and traffic

Hello friends, welcome to Apkmirror, so friends, today we are going to tell you about the benefits of social media marketing, if you do not know about social media marketing, then you can read the article on social media marketing written by us. In which you have been well explained what is Social Media Marketing and in that article, you have been well explained what is social media marketing after all and in today’s post we will tell you that the benefits of Social media marketing

Top 7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing
Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It is very important to know about the benefits of social media marketing, if you want to do marketing with social media, then this article can be very useful for you, so let’s start this post today without delay.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In this post, we have told you about some such benefits that if you stay in any field i.e. your website or any product or any other field, Because Social Media Marketing is a very good option for all those marketers who are beginner and want to start their marketing with the cheapest form, let us know about all those social media benefits.

#1. Website traffic 

Social media marketing makes a big difference in website traffic because there are many platforms in social media marketing where millions of people remain active at the same time like WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If you are thinking how can we do marketing with WhatsApp because we do not have much contact list and because of this we cannot do marketing with WhatsApp, then what should we do,

if you think so, then it is wrong because today at the time of thousands of such groups are found on the Internet, which you can join for free, irrespective of the country.

But whenever we do marketing of our website or blog from social media then, when traffic comes from there, we do not call that traffic as organic traffic, but due to social media marketing, people get to know you and your business.

If you do social media marketing and use AdSense on your blog or website, then perhaps your AdSense can be in danger because google only asks for organic traffic from you not inorganic.

#2. Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is a very good option to promote any of your products or companies because as we told you earlier that there are millions of people active here at the same time.

if you are the owner of a company and There are a lot of employees in your Under who do work for your company.

you have to create an account or page in your company name and then publish it on social media and then you can also share with your employee to like or follow this page or account and tell all your known ones and friends that your company starts being promoted for free and your one product turns into a brand.

#3. Search Engine Ranking

Social media marketing greatly improves the search ranking of any of your products or websites, because when people start going to your business or any of your companies and if they start liking that business,

then they start searching your business on search engines also, which makes the search engine feel that this is a keyword that people are searching more.

That keyword here means is that when people will see about your blog or product on social media and if they like it, then they will enter the name of your company by putting the title of the product or blog that the search engine will find and search engine will feel that people are searching more on this keyword.

So the search engine shows your blog or product at the first number, which increases the search ranking of your product or website.

#4. Conversation Rates

It is not that you can trade your product or website with Social Media Marketing in any one way. Because on social media marketing, you can promote your product or website in many ways such as through links, images, text files or videos.

The way we have told about many such platforms from where you can do social media marketing Just like that, you can promote your product or blog from any platform in many ways as we told you.

The advantage of this is that whenever people like any of your products or blogs, they will also comment on the promotion of that product or website. So that you get higher conversion rates and then those people who have taken interest in your blog or website, they will definitely visit your website once.

If people have taken interest in one of your products and if one person buys your product, then they will also use it after purchasing that product and if he likes that product, then he will tell all those who know him about that product, that you get higher Conversation Rates.

#5. Customer Satisfaction

Whenever you promote any of your products with social media marketing, your customer gets a lot of benefits from it and the customer can talk to you directly through social media.

The advantage of this is that if any of your customers have any demand or problem, and if you solve that demand or problem of your customer, then your customers are in your touch and are very satisfied with you.

So, what we mean is that when your visitors or customers will be satisfied with your work and all their demands or problems will go away, then they will not be away from you and will remain in your touch.

#6. Brand Authority

When people start getting to know about your product or blog, then the authority of your brand increases greatly and your blog or product starts coming in the eyes of everyone and then organic traffic also starts on your blog or product.

#7. Cost

If we talk about social media marketing then it is free if compared to any other marketing but in social media marketing, you get paid promotion which reaches your product or blog to more people in less time but it is not necessary to get paid promotion.

If you are a beginner then you can start social media marketing for free, which also gives a lot of benefits if you talk about the trending topic or put a trending hashtag, then its advantage is that your likes and followers list also increases.

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