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Friday, 28 February 2020

Primary Knowledge Of Accounts


Account is written since incint time account was written in incient China, Missar, Greek civilization. many evidence were found in ramayan of walmiki when bharat meets Rams in the forest that time ram had asked Bharat regarding income and expandtre of the kingdome. doring morya emprire prime minisitere of morya kotilya in the book naming " Arthsastra " has given details for maintaining account of the empire.

What is Account ?

"Accounting is a prosess of regarding transaction, classifaing the transaction and from that summering and signifying it. it is helful to the user to takes smart descision .
Joe’s price of $250 is very appealing, so Joe’s company is hired

in another word "book keeping is the scince and art of corectly recording in the book.

If you use Google Chrome, it's a concern for you. Google Chrome has a major flaw that threatens your PC or Mac. To avoid this flaw, Google has released an updated version of Chrome (the latest version of Chrome). The new stable version of Google Chrome is 80.0.3987.122, which is made available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users.

So if you also use Chrome, install the new update soon. This is important because hackers have taken advantage of it in many ways, as long as Google has detected this flaw and found a solution for it.

Google confirmed the error and wrote in a blog post that Chrome had detected a high level of errors. There is a problem in which JavaScript can be hacked and hackers can even run uncontrolled code in the PC.

How to update your PC, Linux or Mac ??

  • To update Chrome Browser First go to Chrome Web Browser.
  • After that go to About Chrome and have to allow download and install the update.
  • Most users use Chrome for web access, and such an error is dangerous to billions of people's data.

Telecom firm Bharti Airtel has launched three new plans for its customers. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can avail of these plans. In addition to these plans, the company has also announced some features for international roaming, which will be used for users traveling abroad or traveling. Using the Airtel Thanks app, both postpaid and prepaid customers will be able to track the consumption of their international roaming packs on a real-time basis.

(1) Rs. 799 - Through this scheme you will get unlimited incoming SMS for 100 minutes and 30 days for the country you are traveling to.

(2) Rs. 1199 - This new scheme will have 1 GB of data with 100 minutes available for India and the country you are traveling to. Unlimited incoming SMS will also be available for 30 days.

(3) Rs. 4999 - This plan has 1GB of data per day, Unlimited incoming calls, 500 minutes outgoing calls in India and other countries and Unlimited incoming SMS for 10 days. The scheme has not yet been launched and will be rolled out in the coming days.

Learn about its benefits

(1) If consumers eliminate the benefits found in international roaming packs, the data service will be discontinued, so that no additional charges will be charged for higher usage. Customers can pick up another pack or top up by visiting the Airtel Thanks app.

(2) Airtel's postpaid customers will now be able to enable and disable their international roaming service. For this they have to go to the Airtel Thanks app and just one click.

(3) Airtel prepaid customers can now purchase the international roaming app 30 days before the travel date. In this, validation of the pack will begin only when connected to their international mobile network.

(4) In addition, Airtel has introduced new global packs for customers. This pack will cover the countries where people travel the most. With this, people will be able to travel the world in one pack.

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