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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Surakshit Safar PublicUSE

Often, passengers traveling on trains face heavy harassment. Romeo is harassed by women while traveling on a train, and sometimes robberies and robberies occur. With these incidents constantly increasing, a mobile app called 'Safer Trip' has been created by the Railway Police. According to information, the application will be inaugurated on February 29 at Ahmedabad, Kalupur railway station at 11.30 am at the hands of State Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja at platform no.1.
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The mobile app has been created by the Railway Police for the safety and convenience of the passengers in view of the theft, looting, harassment of women and harassment of sick tourists. This mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. According to the information various functions are given in this application. Which passengers can use for their own safety and convenience.

Various application functions:

1. Complaint
According to the information, if a passenger lodges a complaint of theft or loot, they can go to the 'Safe Travel' application and use the Complaint option. The Railway Control and Patrol Police will work on the tourist's complaint. Further control will be taken from the controller by asking the PNR number of his ticket.

2. Suspicious person
If a passenger finds another person's behavior suspicious while traveling on a train, he or she can use the app's Suspicious Option. The police will take immediate action when they become aware of this. The identity of the complainant will also be kept secret.

3. Woman's desk
Women can complain using this function when they are harassing or abusing women. When the identity of the woman will not be disclosed.

4. Session
Using this function, travelers can provide travel experience and their own advice. If the seat is harassed or misused by the police, the tourist can use this option to speak.

5.Contact Coop
This option will include photographs, phone numbers and email information of all GRP police personnel to DIG officers.

6. Call
This option will be connected to the control of the railway and in any case the tourist will use it if the ring will go directly to the control room and action will be taken accordingly.

7. Track My Route
If a senior citizen traveling alone on a train or a woman traveling alone gives information about where she is sitting and going, then the police will help her in case of emergency.

Under this option, the passenger will be able to inform the police by concealing his identity in connection with drugs, gambling or abduction.

9. Feedback
Using this option, the police will ask the tourists their opinion on the police's performance from the control.

10. Touch to panic
During this emergency, the tourist will be able to get police help through this function.

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