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Monday, 2 March 2020

What to do after 10th, Career Options?

Hello friends, welcome to Apkmirror, so friends today we will tell you about what to do after 10th class. If you have any kind of problem, then we will clear your all problems that what to do after 10th class. Today we will tell you what to do after 10th, if you also want to know, then read this post carefully till the last.

What happens often is that when the student passes his class 10th, he starts worrying about what to do after 10th, then we have brought this useful article on the basis of this., especially of all those students for those who are worried about what to do after 10th.

What to do after 10th, Career Options?
What to do after 10th, Career Options?

What to do after 10th?

If you have completed your 10th class studies and now you are thinking of doing something further, whether it is further studies or diplomas or jobs, then today we will tell you about all these things because after passing the 10th class in India, there are many options for students. Which are explained in detail to you today.

After passing the 10th, you get many types of options, whether you want to study further or if you want to do a job, then we will be explained one thing in the list given below, so let’s know without delay.

  • Science
  • Humanities/Arts
  • Commerce
  • Polytechnic
  • ITI

Science after 10th

Science is a very good and better option for all those children who have topped in science and who have an interest in it because after opting for science, there are a lot of career options in it and science is also divided into two parts PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) and PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

After doing science, you have a lot of career options in which we have given you the list, and we have given you the list of the subjects of the science stream.

Science is a very attractive stream, but choose this stream as the student who has interest in it or else because it is seen that after the students are in confidence, they choose the science stream and they have to bear the brunt of it and science Not only any stream, it should always be considered carefully.

Subjects in Science Stream

If you are also willing to do science stream, then you must have got this question that how many subjects are there in science stream. As we have already told you that science has been divided into two parts, PCM and PCM, so we have given you the list of all subjects of these two parts.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • English
  • Computer Science / IT (Information Technology)
  • Biotechnology

Career Options in Science Stream

Like we told you earlier that after choosing the science stream, you get many kinds of career options in it and then we also told you that it has been divided into two parts PCM and PCB so let’s know about the career options.

Career Option in Medical Science

You get a lot of career options in medical science, which you may not have heard before, so let’s know what career options you get to see in medical science.

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biomechanics
  • Biostatistics
  • Biophysics
  • Cytology
  • Dental Science
  • Embryology
  • Epidemiology
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Photobiology

Career Option in ENGINEERING

Just as you get a lot of career options in medical science, in the same way, you get a lot of career options in engineering, whose list is given to you below.

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Science Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Engineering Management
  7. Industrial Engineering
  8. Integrated Engineering
  9. Materials Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Military Engineering
  12. Nuclear Engineering
  13. Electronics Engineering
  14. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  15. Geotechnical Engineering

Arts after 10th

Arts is also a very good stream for all those students who have an interest in subjects such as History, Geography, etc. because they are such a stream in which students are taught how to deal with Human Condition. This is such a stream that very few students like it after passing their 10th class.

In the art stream, you are taught why we people, that is, humans have been called social animals and how we should treat each other. Because social understanding has very important importance in the life of all of us, which is taught to you in this stream.

Subjects in Arts Stream

If you also want to do arts stream after 10th class, then the question must surely come in your mind that which subjects we have to study in the arts stream and the list of all those subjects is given below according to your order.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • English
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts
  • Sociology
  • Physical Education
  • Literature

Career Options of Arts Stream

After choosing an art stream, the question often comes in the minds of the students that what are the career options in the art stream, then you should not be worried because we have given the list of art streams career options below which you will be surprised to know. There are career options in the keystream of art.

  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • Civil Services
  • Cartography
  • Economist
  • Geographer
  • Heritage Management
  • Historian
  • Library Management
  • Political Science
  • Population Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Service
  • Teaching
  • Linguistics
  • Mass Communication / Media
  • Philosophy
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Fine Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Fashion Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Law

Commerce after 10th

Commerce is often chosen by students who have an interest in the business. In this stream all students are taught about business and trade, apart from science, this is the second stream that students mostly like, and there are plenty of career options for students, most students choose this stream after the science.

Subjects in Commerce Stream

After choosing the commerce stream or first you must be thinking about which subjects we have to study in this stream, then do not panic now because you have been given the list of all the subjects that you study in the commerce stream as given below.

  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies / Organisation of Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Information Practices
  • Statistics

Career Options of Commerce Stream

As we told you that you have a lot of career options in the commerce stream, whose list is given below, so let’s know about all those career options without delay.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Cost and Work Accountancy
  • Company Secretaryship
  • Investment Banking
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Capital Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Media/Mass Communication
  • Financial Analysis

Polytechnic after 10th

Polytechnic is a diploma course in which the students’ skills are developed and they also provide practical training. This course is mostly three years, that too regular course and all the students have to go to classes continuously and they have to attend because the design of this course is such that all students have to focus on practical knowledge.

To do a polytechnic course, students have two types of options, which you can do from a government or private college. In both, these options polytechnic course is available for you, but the fees in private colleges are higher than in government colleges.

courses in Polytechnic

So far, you have known what is the polytechnic after all, but you may have come to the question that which are the courses in this, so the list of all the courses of polytechnic is given below.

  • Architectural Assistantship
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Dairy Engineering
  • Textile Technology
  • Textile Chemistry
  • Glass and Ceramic Engineering
  • Printing Technology
  • Leather Technology
  • Interior Decoration & Design
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Fashion Designing and Garment Technology
  • Paint Technology
  • Plastic & Mould Technology
  • Textile Design
  • Hotel Management & Catering Service
  • Air Craft Maintenance
  • Avionics
  • Modern Office Management & Secretarial Practice
  • Library and Information Science
  • Home Science
  • Material Management
  • Commercial Practice
  • Mass Communication
  • Pharmacy

ITI after 10th

After passing the 10th class, ITI is also a very good option for all those who do not have such a budget to study expensive and good. The full name of ITI is Industrial Training Institute.

In the ITI course, you are more focused on industrial training and skill. In ITI courses, many courses are given below, which we call trades. We have given you the list of all these trades at the bottom.

What are ITI Institutes?

The way we told you in the polytechnic about the private on the government, in the same way, it also has two main types, these are instituted infrastructure and instruments, which are used while training the students.

  • Government ITI
  • Private ITI
  • Courses of ITI

In ITI you get to see a lot of trades or courses, whose list is given below you,

  • Tool & Die Maker Engineering
  • Draughtsman (Mechanical) Engineering
  • Diesel Mechanic Engineering
  • Draughtsman (Civil) Engineering
  • Pump Operator
  • Fitter Engineering
  • Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic Engineering
  • Turner Engineering
  • Dress Making
  • Manufacture Foot Wear
  • Information Technology & E.S.M. Engineering
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Machinist Engineering
  • Hair & Skin Care
  • Refrigeration Engineering
  • Fruit & Vegetable Processing
  • Mech. Instrument Engineering
  • Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print
  • Electrician Engineering
  • Letter Press Machine Minder
  • Commercial Art
  • Leather Goods Maker
  • Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineering
  • Hand Compositor
  • Mechanic Radio & T.V. Engineering
  • Mechanic Electronics Engineering
  • Surveyor Engineering
  • Foundry Man Engineering
  • Sheet Metal Worker Engineering
  • Radiology

Diploma after 10th

If you want to continue your studies even after passing the 10th class, then the best option here for you is a diploma. Because the diploma will cost you cheaper and you can also get a job easily.

Courses of Diploma

In the diploma courses, you get to see a lot of courses, if you also want to do a diploma after 10th class, then you can take a look at the list given below.

  1. Fine arts Diploma
  2. Electrical Engineering Diploma
  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering Diploma
  4. Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering Diploma
  5. Information Technology Diploma
  6. Aeronautical Engineering Diploma
  7. Software Engineering Diploma
  8. Computer Science Diploma
  9. Chemical Engineering Diploma
  10. Civil Engineering Diploma
  11. Mechanical Engineering Diploma
  12. Civil Engineering Diploma
  13. Biomedical Engineering Diploma
  14. Garment Technology Diploma
  15. Printing Technology Diploma
  16. Leather technology Diploma
  17. Instrumentation Technology Diploma
  18. Marine Engineering Diploma
  19. Production Diploma
  20. Petroleum Engineering Diploma
  21. Mining Engineering Diploma
  22. Textile Technology Diploma
  23. Plastic Technology Diploma
  24. Biotechnology Diploma
  25. Automobile Engineering Diploma
  26. Environmental Engineering Diploma
  27. Fire Engineering Diploma
  28. Beauty culture Diploma
  29. Architecture Diploma
  30. Agricultural Engineering Diploma
  31. Fashion Design Diploma
  32. Apparel Design Diploma
  33. Cybersecurity Diploma
  34. Business Administration Diploma
  35. Medical Lab Diploma
  36. Library and Information Science Diploma

Job after 10th

If your financial condition is not good and you want to leave your studies after passing 10th class, then there are a lot of jobs for you here, some of which we have given to you below, which are all government jobs.

If you want to do the government jobs given after the 10th, then you can prepare them and also work in the private sector for some time, then let us know without delay which government jobs you Can apply after 10th.

Government jobs list after 10th

Let us know which government jobs you can apply after passing the 10th.

  • Railways
  • Defense
  • Staff Selection Commission
  • Banking Sector
  • Police Sector
  • State Level Govt Jobs

Salary in Computer Engineering

Salary in Computer Engineering- Hello friends, welcome to our post today, we will tell you what is computer engineering, how much salary is their salary in computer engineering, what are the courses you need to do to become a computer engineer, today you will get all information related to computer engineering and salary in computer engineering, so please read this article till the end and read it carefully.

It is very difficult to become an engineer in life and no one can become an engineer so easily, but friends it is not that it is impossible to become an engineer if you think with full devotion and passion to do anything, then you One day will definitely be successful in doing that work.

There is no single course inside an Engineer, there are many different courses inside it, like, Civil Engineer, Software Engineer, Computer Engineer, there are many more courses, and the main thing is salary in computer engineering, About whom we will tell you today if you want any information related to computer engineer and salary in computer engineering, then you continue reading this post till today, after today your all doubts will be cleared related to computer engineering and salary in computer engineering.

Salary in Computer Engineering

what is computer engineering?

The terms computer engineering is a combination of two words which are as follows, electronic engineering and computer science, computer engineering is the combination of these two words. Whose focus is used to design hardware parts and software parts, if you also want to become a computer engineer, then you must have knowledge of electrical and computer science.

If we explain this in simple terms, then the computer engineer is the one who has been given complete knowledge of hardware and software and can solve all the problems related to hardware and software. Computer engineers develop some such products, For example, video games, play stations, mobile phones, and computers, etc.,

Computer engineers develop all the products that use hardware and software, keeping in mind all these things, will fix your salary in computer engineering, which is done in computer engineering, your salary keeps increasing from time to time.

how to become a computer engineer?

This kind of question i.e. how to become a computer engineer comes in the mind of every student who is a student of science and the question comes that in order to become a computer engineer, we have to study, how many years and what There are criteria, so let’s know about this also,

Here, we have given you some basic knowledge about how to become a computer engineer, what are the criteria, and basic knowledge about various types of diplomas, undergraduates and postgraduates.

Secondary Class Passed/10th class

If you passed your 10th class, which we also call secondary class, if you want to become a computer engineer after 10th, then you become eligible to do a diploma course as a computer engineer.

Senior Secondary Class Passed/12th Class

If you have passed your senior secondary class i.e. 12th class, then you are fully eligible to do the UnderGraduate course like (B.Tech) to study.

computer science and computer engineering field

To enter the field of computer science or computer engineering, you will have to do a diploma or undergraduate course, but at the same time, you have to have the last qualification like math and science in the 10th or 12th class.

  • Android Emulator For The PC
  • How Many Bits in a Byte?
  • Post Graduate (M.Tech)

In the same way, if you have to do Post Graduate (M.Tech), then it is very important for you to do B.Tech first.

PHD Program

Similarly, if you have to do Ph.D., (Computer Science), then it is very important for you to have a degree in (B.Tech) or (M.Tech).

Computer Engineering Courses After 12th

If you are also thinking that you want to do a computer engineering course after your 12th class or if you have studied your 12th class and now you are thinking of a computer engineering course, then today I will tell you that there, how many courses in computer engineering from such which you can do after 12th class.

If I talk to you about all computer engineer students, then computer engineers are taught about many subjects or we can say that they are given knowledge about every course of computer engineer, such as those in which some of these are like programming language, operating system, algorithms, database management system, computer network etc. Computer engineering or computer science, an academic criterion is divided into three parts, which are given below.

  • Diploma Courses
  • UG Courses (Undergraduate)
  • PG Courses (Postgraduate)
  • Diploma Courses

In diploma courses, you can do polytechnics, whose duration time is three years.

UG Courses

In UG Courses, you have to do B.Tech ie (Bachelor of Technology) and have to take his degree and the duration of the course is four years.

PG Courses

In PG Courses, you have to do M.Tech and get his degree, the duration of which is two years.

Apart from these three courses, there is another high-level education which we all know as a Ph.D. which has a full form (Doctor of Philosophy). In this Ph.D. degree, you are given advanced level education in computer engineering, and in this degree, you are given more attention to research along with your studies.

  • All Courses of Computer Science and engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering And Science
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Technology
  • B.Tech (Bachelor Of Technology) in Computer Engineering
  • ME/M.Tech (Master Of Engineering) in Computer Engineering
  • PG (Post Graduate) Diploma in Computer Networking
  • M.Phill (Master Of Philosophy) in computer science and networking

computer hardware engineer course

If some of you want to become a hardware engineer and are thinking of doing it, then the question must surely come in the mind of the people that if we do a course in hardware engineer then which courses will we have to do, then let us know There are also about them,

  • Control System
  • Computer Programming
  • Ohm’s Law and Circuitry
  • Combinational Logic and Sequential
  • Electrical Engineering Fundamental

computer software engineer course

Some of you are thinking to become a software engineer and you want to know which courses are there in the software engineer which you have to do, so here I am telling you about some courses that are in your syllabus. And you have to do all those courses, let’s know that there are such courses from the cone.

  • Networking
  • Computer Programming
  • Program Design
  • Fundamentals Of Hardware
  • Computer System Analysis
  • Computer Architecture
  • Professional Awareness
  • Mathematics Foe Computing
  • Database Introduction
  • Academic Skills for computing

how much do computer engineers make

If you have thought that I want to become a computer engineer, then you must also have a question that how much money can a computer engineer earn or Salary in Computer Engineering, and in how much time the salary of a computer engineer increases, let us know about Salary in Computer Engineering, also How much a computer engineer can earn at least as much as possible.

Talking about the Salary in Computer Engineering, a computer engineer can earn at least 2.5lac / year in starting, if we tell you monthly salary accordingly, then a computer engineer can earn at least 8.3k in starting, this is the Salary in Computer Engineering.

Salary in Computer Engineering in the private sector can earn at least 3.6lac/year, and if we tell you accordingly, a computer engineer can earn 11.6k/month.

It is not that the Salary in Computer Engineering is fixed, as we have given you an estimated salary, it is not that this salary is a fix for a computer engineer, it is what we have told you, it would be a fresher candidate’s salary Is, as your experience increases, according to that your salary will also increase in Salary in Computer Engineering, it is not that this salary remains fixed to you.

Many times it happens that the Salary in Computer Engineering increases to 12lac/year. If we tell you this by month, a computer engineer can earn 40k/month, and more and that depends on the experience. Now you have understood that how much is the Salary in Computer Engineering.

what does computer engineering do

As we have told you earlier that there are two types of computer engineers, one is the software engineer and the other is the hardware engineer and what they do on the base of the same, we will tell you.

what does a computer software engineer do

Computer’s software engineers develop like programs and operating data for computers and being a software engineer in computer engineers, software engineers have to do all kinds of things like network security, mobile, applications, and computer programs, which is the work related to your software, the same software is engineered by them.

what does computer hardware engineer do

As a hardware engineer, they work research, design, develop, circuit board, or you can also say that the work that a software engineer does is a hardware Engineer does his opposite work.

first computer engineer in India

The first computer in India was built by Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar. He invented computers in 1991 and Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar was born on 11 October 1946. Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar is best known for making supercomputers. Where he invented the supercomputer by the ultimate name.

Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar first invented the Param 8000 computer in 1991 and then later the Param 10000.

first computer engineer in the world

So far, you saw that who was India’s first computer engineer, but if we talk about which was the first computer engineer in the world who invented the computer, then

Henry Edward “Ed” Roberts was the first engineer in the world who invented computers. Henry Edward “Ed” Roberts was born on 13 September 1941, who was an American engineer as well as a medical doctor. Henry Edward “Ed” Roberts was the first inventor of commercially the personal computer in 1975.

skills to become a computer engineer

To become a computer engineer, it is very important to have the skills inside a student that should be in a computer engineer, so I will tell you here some of the skills that are very important to become a computer engineer, and you Should be inside and there should not be any hesitation. So let’s know about those skills,

  1. Communication
  2. Software Experience
  3. Hardware Experience
  4. Mathematics Experienced
  5. Programming Language
  6. Must Be Patience
  7. Management
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Learning
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Team Work Ability
  12. Determination
  13. Must Be Logical and Systematic
  14. Must Be Analytical Mind
  15. Diligent

the job description of a computer engineer

description of a computer engineer job, computer engineer manages the design system of computer hardware and software of any company, their duty is to develop software systems and update hardware and design new types of equipment, All this is a job description of a computer engineer.

computer engineering vs computer science

Computer Engineer
As we have already told you that the computer engineer is only concerned with hardware and software, if I give you a little summary, then the focus of the computer engineer is to design different parts of hardware and software. A computer engineer is one who has complete knowledge of hardware and software and can solve all the problems related to hardware and software.

Computer Science

Computer science studies the computational system of computers. Computer science is unlike electrical and computer engineers. Computer scientists mostly deal with software and software systems. Inside this, his theory is related to design, development, and application.

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